More Mud and Reflections

Winter is melting. I’m resisting complaining about mud. But it’s hard. Imagine 8 sets of muddy feet in and out multiple times a day.

But. Winter is over. Thank goodness!


First day of Spring

This has been the longest, coldest, snowiest winter I can remember. Truly.

Today is the first day of Spring and although we still have big snow drifts everywhere. There are some equally large patches of mud! Yay Mud!

Bring on the sun Mother Nature. We are ready for more mud!

The Melt.

The snow is finally melting. Perhaps Spring really is just around the corner! This has been the longest, coldest, snowiest winter I can remember in my adult life.

The dogs and I are definitely ready for better weather! I’m not even going to complain about the mud!


He’s getting to be an old man. I thought for the longest time he’d never age. And suddenly…he has.

He is still grumpy and hilarious and the best foot warmer. He gets the Zoomies twice a day without fail and then naps and/or bosses the other dogs around in between.

He has slowed down a bit, but otherwise has been pretty healthy! He has a few little lumps and bumps. One for sure that needs to come off. But it doesn’t bother him at all.

Vito has never done a hard day of work in his life- but I’ve been working him a bit this winter with some new tricks. Mostly because it’s been so cold and snowy that exercising his brain was the only way to take the edge off! He’s a jerk on a good day never mind being confined for days on end with no outlet.

He and Leo still hate each other- that will never change. And it’s just careful management that keeps the peace!

Job Opening.

I’ve come to the realization that most of my dogs are getting old.

I recently was teaching a seminar and ended up having to bring Pixel and Brit as my “assistants.”

Brit is pretty lame so spent most of the weekend in a crate chewing a bone. Between her back and the weird swelling in her front she is a mess. So it was up to Pixel. And I’m afraid to say that she might be reaching the age of “I don’t give a shit.” LOL! She was a total brat and barely did what I asked. In short she was a terrible demo dog. Thankfully this group has seen me multiple times and they thought it was funny.

My other main dog for classes is Leo. But with his heart and complications that certainly won’t be an option for much longer!

So that leaves the young ones. Siren and Willow. Siren is super emotional and has environmental pressure issues so is only a good teaching dog if I have time to warm her up each time. She is slow to mature in part so I think that even this year she will get better about that! Willow is very much a puppy still and just doesn’t know much. I’ve been slacking on the obedience portion of her training because I don’t intend on ever doing Rally or obedience with her. However she’s going to have to step it up. Well, rather I am!!

A house full of dogs and I’m running out of useful ones. 😉

Shedding Clinic and a Good Dog

28BC7CE0-9295-4631-B6ED-63F7A05C36DAI have been lucky enough to have some pretty awesome dogs in my life. Each has taught me something, and brought something to my life that I didn’t know I needed.

Jack is something special. On sheep and in life. On sheep he is just so smart, and a very good dog. I’m not saying that just because he’s mine. But truly. He’s a great working dog. Just enough natural feel, biddable, confident, and clever. This weekend we attended a Shedding Clinic with Scott. I did this clinic a few years ago so with Leo but I’m pretty new to the shedding thing. It’s not something I Train or use very often so I was pretty rusty. Jack has only done a handful of sheds just to sort of sheep to work. But he was pretty awesome this weekend! Held a single, pushed crabby sheep, came in strong and fast, just a good boy. Scott said some pretty nice things about him, which of course made me feel great. Scott doesn’t just hand out compliments!

Jack is a long way from running in Open  we have a whole year in nursery still. But I’m pumped! I think this dog, and our team work can do really well! I can’t wait for the weather to be better so we can train and work out he kinks before the trial season starts!

I am am so grateful to have such fantastic mentors and friends in this sport. Scott, and Jenny, and Louanne have all really helped me grow. And my growth shows in Jacks work. I couldn’t be more proud.