SDDA Trial

We had our first local SDDA trial! Our group did a super job- the trial ran smoothly, lots of extras, and everyone went away happy!


Saturday- Advanced Containers and Exteriors, Excellent Interiors

She was really “on” and keen to work. She did a super job with the Containers, and the Exterior (which is normally our problem area!). That earned her Advanced title! We didn’t get the Excellent Interior. I called Alert on a clear room. Oops. Should probably trust my dog better…

Sunday- Excellent Containers, Interior, Exterior

She was definitely not as keen as Saturday. We had an awesome Interior though! Our first Excellent Q! The Exterior was in a giant playground and she didn’t work hardly at all. She just wandered around. Containers were a challenge for her and she false alerted. The Interior we got I did off leash, which I think make a difference for her! Something to remember!


Saturday- Started Container, Interior, Exterior

She nailed all three and earned High Scoring Started dog in the working stream. She gave clear alerts and worked really well. Super proud of her for her first trial!

Sunday- Advanced Container, Interior, Exterior. We only got the Interior. She worked well. But false alerted on a good distraction in Containers, and was generally confused on the Exterior. She alerted but not strongly and I didn’t call it. Looking back I totally should have. Poor girl! I need to learn to read her better!

Overall I’m pretty happy with our weekend. We don’t Train Nosework stuff enough- but they are good dogs!

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