Plans and Doing the Work

It’s already April. I’ve got my plans mostly sorted for spring and summer. Picking and choosing which events, which weekends, and how much I can really spend.

Adulting is hard when you do dog stuff! I had to adjust my plans a fair bit after my recent life changes. 😉 It takes careful planning and really good friends to manage a bunch of dogs! I’m lucky to have friends and family who can help with the dogs!

Herding is of course on the agenda. My goal is to get Jack qualified for the Finals. Which means a few things- a) I need to trial and b) I need to trial well. Lol. So I’m heading to BC at the end of the month and then a few localish trials, and we will see after that how far or how much I’ll have to travel! There aren’t many trials so my plan is to hit most of them!

I also have some Nosework trials planned- our local one in May and then one in June. I’d really love to get to Excellent. Brit is doing super well so I’m looking forward to seeing how she is at a trial! Pixel is in retrain mode to fix the confusion about the alert. I’m going back to no alert. Find it and I’ll give you a party every time. An alert is no good if it’s a lie!

And while I had lofty goals of obedience and Rally with Siren I have to admit that likely won’t happen. Not this summer anyway. Siren needs a lot of work- her lack of confidence in new places just kill us. So it may be some time before she’s really ready. I’ve been going to one new place a week and have made some headway but she can’t give me precision and good attitude without a fair amount of time to explore and relax.

With all These plans and goals- of course it means I need to work at it! And I’m sticking to my plans from a few posts ago. Lots of training happening at my house. I saw this posted on Facebook today and it goes along with this post perfectly. Do the work, put in the time, and the results will follow.

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