A little bit about the main players. 🙂

I have been obsessed with dogs since the early 90’s. I had a school teacher who introduced me to the magic of dogs and that was that. I train dogs full time now, have my own business and train and compete in a variety of dog sports. A few years ago I had a major shift in dog sports and went from being addicted to agility, to herding! I still make time for other training and competing, but Herding is definitely my main sport.  We live in Southern Alberta, Canada in a little piece of heaven just outside the city.

And the important ones….


ATCHC, BRONZE Bluetrix A Little Wicca Majic MSDC, MJDC, MTRDC, MGDC, ExG Bronze, ExS Bronze, STCDC, CD, RAE, AgNJS, AgNs, SHDCH, SD-Ssp
DOB: January 5, 2004


Wicca. My heart. My favorite, If I had a favorite (and I sort of do, but don’t say that out loud.)

My first Cardigan. She is turning 13 years old in a few days. 13. It is amazing to me that she has made it this long. In her younger days she was a wicked fast, intense, very-hard-on-her-body agility dog. We won some regional events, went to nationals a few times and pretty much lived for agility. When she had to retire it was hard for both of us. We also did obedience and Rally and scenthurdle racing, and even dusted her off a few years ago for some Nosework! She is the best dog. Now she is the granny. But still bossy and loud and always in charge. I love her to the moon and back.



Expert Level Couch Dog, Lap Warmer and Resident Grump.

DOB: November 24, 2006


Vito- the grumpy one.

Vito is 10 years old and has always been a grumpy old man. He was a rescue that I couldn’t give up. He’s never done an honest days work, rarely listens and is absolutely the cutest dog ever. A corgi/border collie cross with the bad attitude of a corgi and the smarts of a border collie. Not such a good mix. But I adore him nonetheless.




DOB: 24-Jul-2008


Pixel, the Princess

Turning ten this year she will forever be four years old to me. Full of sass, and sweetness. Always something to say and completely uses her good looks for bad. We played agility until she hurt her shoulder- but is still active in Obedience, Rally, Scenthurdle racing and Scent Detection. She is a typical corgi- clever but also manipulative. She can be brilliant and also extremely humbling. She is adorable though and super fancy.



DOB: 29-Sep-2009


Brit- the perfect one.

Brit is nine years old and is my first Border Collie. A rescue who arrived as a foster and immediately I felt that she was mine. She is the sweetest, happiest, most obedient dog in the world. She never did agility but still loves Rally and Scenthurdle. She doesn’t much care for the pressures of the Obedience ring, and although put up with my demands with sheepherding- she clearly told me she didn’t like that either. We’ve also dabbled in Scent Detection. If I ever get around to trialing my own dogs she would be pretty good!


Leo RN

Birthday- June 10/2010


Leo- grumpy old man 2.0

I brought Leo home as a project. A dog to rehab, teach some life skills and send on his way. He came to me with a bite history and showed me that he wasn’t trustworthy. So he stayed. I have never regretted that decision. He is completely 100% devoted to me. Sometimes a little much- in a stalker sort of way. However he’s my boy and I love his heart and try. He was my first real sheepdog and even made it to Open! We got our first shed and it was magical. He wasn’t a great dog, but he was good. And a great first dog for me- always had my back and never got us into trouble. And then he was diagnosed with a heart condition. (Insert huge sigh here). And so retirement. He loves obedience and Rally and I hope to get his CD this year if I can find female only judges. We dabbled in Agility but he never loved it. He is a hard dog to live with, and requires a lot of management in such a busy house. But he’s my go-to demo dog, and always my buddy.



Boldhearts Playing With Fire RN SHD


Siren- the terror.

A terrier! My first non Herding breed ever. A Parson Russell terrier to be exact. She’s like the anti-terrier. Sweet and sensitive, super snuggly. And mostly sleeps. When she’s awake she is loud and bossy and loves to destroy toys and kill critters. But mostly, she sleeps. She could be an agility dog, though neither of us are motivated enough. She does love Rally though! And Scenthurdle racing. She is the best at fetch though. And pivots. Also good at farting, she can clear a room.




Jack- Mr.Perfect

My first purchased Sheepdog! I bought him as a ten month old dog. He had all the qualities I was looking for. Keen, some style and was biddable. Sold! It turns out he’s pretty much Perfect. As my famous sheepdog friend says “a quality dog.” Aside from his fancy moves with sheep he is also perfect in every other way. So much happy- off sheep he acts like a golden retriever. He loves everyone, super social with dogs and people and is completely normal. It’s so odd. I haven’t had normal in a while. He a good honest dog though and I’m looking forward to our first official trialing year this spring!!




Willow – the Shag.

I’m only a little ashamed to admit that she was an impulse buy. I went for the ride, came home with a puppy. Will is an Idaho Shag, a cowdog mixed breed. Mostly border collie with some Airedale thrown in. She is absolutely the funniest dog in the house. She can go from super serious to hysterical in .002 seconds. I’ve had her on sheep, and she is keen and biddable. She could also be a super agility dog. She is very athletic and crazy fast. Time will tell what her future holds! She has been a super easy puppy and is growing up into a really nice dog. She already is steady enough to do some demoing for classes and is pretty awesome.

So there you go. Now we are all caught up. Well, the important stuff anyway! Onwards!