Clock Stock and Barrel

My second year at this event. It’s an arena trial, not unlike any other arena trial except it’s at the Calgary Stampede grounds and there are spectators! Not as many as the actual Stampede trial. But there is definitely more pressure and excitement.

Jack was a rockstar. I am just so incredibly grateful to have such a good partner. He did great work both rounds and we got through the course and penned both runs. Our first run placed us 8th out of 40 dogs! Our second go we had some cranky sheep and we had to really take our time with them. We got it done but it took a lot of time. I think 14th or so. Regardless that round was probably the better work wise. Jack has this natural ability to read his sheep and apply just enough pressure to them. He rarely loses his cool and is super smooth to watch. Both rounds were an adrenaline rush for sure!

He’s still so young and really we’ve only done a handful of trials but already the teamwork is there.

Here’s my round one video

And a link to round two

Jack 2nd Go

We didn’t make the finals, but we were pretty close! In any case I am pretty excited about what the future will look like for us.

I’ve got some things I want to fix before field trial season starts, and of course we are still working on stretching our drive out. But all in due time! I’m pretty happy with what what have so far!

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